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February 17, 2019
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1982: Born in Alexandria, Lives and Works in Alexandria, Egypt.




1999/2004: B.A, faculty of arts, Painting Department, Alexandria University.


Workshops & residences:


2006: Artist In residence, Montalvo Arts Center, California, USA.

-Artist In residence, F+F School for Art and Media Design, Zurich, Switzerland.

2005: AIWA, International Artists Workshop, Aley, Lebanon.


Solo Shows:


2007: 15 Minutes of Acting as if I’m in My House, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo.

2006: 15 Minutes of Acting as if I'm in my House, Oberwellt, Stuttgart, Germany.

2002: Mashrabia gallery for contemporary art, Cairo.


Selected group exhibitions:


2007: ?no Condition is Permanent?, (curated by Rayelle Niemann), Makan, Amman, Jordan. 

2006: Wikislamkitsch, 1st Biennial of the Canaries, (curated by Antonio Zaya) Canary Islands.

-My House is my studio and my studio is my house, "Actual Position-2", (curated by Helen Hirsch), Kulturzentrum NAIRS, Switzerland.

-San Simon re-construction, 5th artistic bridge,(curated by Hassan Darsi), Hermitage Park, la source du lion, Casablanca, Morocco.  

-I Love my Pillow, "PRASENTATIONEN DER PROGR_AIR", (curated by Katrien Reigst), PROGR-zentrum fur kulturproduktion, Bern, Switzerland.  

2005: I am not here, here I am, "Actual Position", (curated by Helen Hirsch), Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary art, Cairo.

-Autoportrait of three artists after talking until dawn, "INSULARITIES", (curated by Elke Aus Dem Moore), Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany.(in collaboration with Sylvia Winkler & Stefan Koperl).

2004: Autoportrait of three artists after talking until dawn, "Dar Al Hewar/3", (curated by Enzio Wetzell), Goethe institute Cairo/Alexandria. (In collaboration with Sylvia Winkler & Stefan Koperl).

-Two Single Rooms,"NOUBAR/2 project", (curated by Stefania Angarano), Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cairo. (with Pascal Favre).

2003: She Likes Cairo and Cairo.....,"15th Salon Of Young Artists", Palace Of Arts Gallery, Opera House, Cairo.

-Little Boy's Gift,” The Group Exhibition", Mashrabia Gallery Of Contemporary Art, Cairo.

-"Black And White”, (curetted by Amr Hiba), Goethe Institute, Alexandria.

2001: Untitled 2001,"2nd NITAQ Festival of arts”, organized by galleries of contemporary art, Cairo Atelier, Cairo.


Prizes & Grants:


2006: Residency grant, Pro Helvitia, (Swiss Arts Council).

2005: Travel grant, Roberto Cimetta Fund for artistic mobility in theMediterranean.

2004: Project grant, Pro Helvitia, (Swiss Arts Council).

2003: The Honorary Prize for the project, She Likes Cairo, And Cairo...,"15th Salon of Young Artists”, Palace of Arts Gallery, Opera House, Cairo.


Catalogues & books:


2006:"A:IWA-Artists International Workshop Aley 2005".

2005:"NOUBAR-projects 2004", Ed Stefania Angarano, Mashrabia gallery editions.

2004:"Autoportrait of three artists after talking until dawn".

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