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February 17, 2019
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Regional Arab Network Aginst AIDS - RANAA

RANAA is based on the principals Arab CSOs agreed on in their commun declaration. These principals are mainly the following :
1) Joint commitment for reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS;
2) Willing to coordinate their efforts in the fight and the prevention of STIs and HIV/AIDS;
3) Commitment to establish a good flow of information and to ensure a total transparency in managing the coordination mechanism and the Network governance;
4) Commitment to work to create a supportive environment for people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in term to promote and preserve their rights and to firmly combat all forms of discrimination and stigma;

RANAA has decided to establish an Interim Secretariat, for a one year period, in order to concretize the Tunis Workshop recommendations and to execute its decisions according to the following Mandate adopted by the participants. The interim secretariat has prepared some elements as a charter draft and internal rules.

For visiting RANAA website click here

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