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With proprietary content management hosted applications you are locked to your provider.
If at any time you would like to switch to a different provider you will not be able to.
This is not the case with open source where you can download the source and take a data dump of your site and host your content management application elsewhere.

Even more even if you want to change the content management system you can download your database and convert it to any form that your new content management system can read. Open source is freedom.

Why Open source

Higher reliability and security.
Open source systems by nature have nothing to hide. With proprietary systems you never know what your provider is hiding from you for its own benefit.

For further info you can check out the suitability section in this web site where we can help you to decide for your self if our hosted applications are suitable for needs.

Similar proprietary hosted applications are much more expensive and do not provide  added utility. This is caused by the fact that vendors of such systems have to expend a lot of financial resources to create and update proprietary content management systems. Such a cost is not borne by us and in turn we do not pass such un-needed costs to you. Thus you do not need to pay per user costs or high priced licenses or setup costs.

Added community Support.
We provide premium level support for both our hosting and our hosted applications, such support is complemented by the support of the open source community.


It is not uncommon to find helpful support and application plug-ins from the community for very specific and niche requirements, such support is seldom found for proprietary applications.


Chapter proof.
Many proprietary companies eventually file for bankruptcy leaving you out in the cold.


This is not the case with open source, even if a specific company files for bankruptcy all you need is to take the source and use it elsewhere.

October 20, 2021
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